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ASPACE and ISU Launched a Scholarship Program for Master's Students

On 19 March 2024, the International Space University (ISU), together with the USPACE Technology Group Limited (USPACE) and its connected ASPACE International Holdings (ASPACE), and the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC), announced their partnership. Under this partnership, ASPACE is providing scholarships to Master students from underprivileged countries or regions to support ISU's efforts in inclusivity and the democratisation of space education.

The joint committee of ISU, ASPACE and SGAC plans to start the selection process in the current year (2024) to identify one academically and/or professionally outstanding candidate from African countries who qualify for full scholarships. The scholarship will be awarded for the Master of Space Studies (MSS) 2024-2025.

USPACE/ASPACE Chairman and CEO Mr. Fengquan SUN said "ASPACE is building the Innovative Industry 5.0 Space Eco Enterprise Hub in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), i.e., the Abu Dhabi Space Eco Park, which is composed of eight sections, namely Space Park, Electronics Equipment Park, Science & Innovation Park, Supercomputer & Equipment Park, Instrumentation Park, International Trade Park, Space Product Certification and Research Center, World Expo Park. Among others, the Space Park involves satellite manufacturing, satellite TT&C, satellite data processing and application, and a space research and education centre. The space research and education centre of the Space Park is expecting to establish a long-term partnership with ISU and SGAC and plans to conduct extensive space education and scientific activities in a collaborative manner after the construction of Phase I of the Abu Dhabi Space Eco Park is completed. ASPACE would like to train and hire talented individuals from all countries. Our partnership with ISU is the perfect match to achieve this goal".

ISU President Nicolas Peter said "ISU expresses its deepest gratitude to USPACE/ASPACE for their generous support to give the chance for a future student of the MSS or MSc coming to Strasbourg in September 2024 from an underprivileged or underrepresented community or country. This partnership is a testament of the importance of nurturing talent for the continued advancement of the global space domain. ISU calls for others to join this effort to provide a chance to all to join the space sector".

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