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USPACE's First Experimental Satellite Completed Acceptance and Delivered

USPACE’s First Experimental  Satellite Completed Acceptance and Delivered

On June 12, 2024, Mr. Sun Fengquan, Chairman and CEO of USPACE, along with Ms. Aila Raquel, CEO of Alya Satélite e Produção de Fotografias Aéreas Limitada (Alya Space), jointly held the offline delivery ceremony of the first experimental satellite of Alya-1 Satellite Constellation. Ms. Aila Raquel was very satisfied with the experimental satellite manufactured by USPACE.

USPACE’s First Experimental  Satellite Completed Acceptance and Delivered

In October 2023, USPACE and Alya Space signed a contract to manufacture 108 Earth observation satellites for Brazil (Alya-1 satellite constellation). The experimental satellite delivered this time is the first experimental satellite of the Alya-1 constellation and the first satellite completed acceptance and delivered by USPACE. Alya Space has registered the constellation orbital frequency with the International Telecommunication Union. This experimental satellite is planned to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2024.

The primary purpose of this experimental satellite is to perform partial technical verification for the Alya-1 constellation. Upon successful experimental verification, the Group will successively deliver the 108 satellites of the constellation. The successful delivery of the experimental satellite marks the official beginning of USPACE’s new phase of satellite production and delivery. It also signifies that Alya Space officially provides Earth observation services to its customers through the Alya-1 satellite constellation.

In addition, the Group has also delivered Amazon rainforest monitoring image data to Alya Space and, according to the contract, will provide long-term monitoring data for the Amazon rainforest. This not only strengthens the cooperative relationship between the two parties but also contributes to environmental protection.