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As of 10 July 2023, 114 representatives in 45 countries have confirmed their participation in the Grand Opening Ceremony

The Grand Opening Ceremony for the "Hong Kong Satellite Manufacturing Centre" and "Hong Kong Satellite Operation Control and Application Centre" of ASPACE is scheduled to take place at the Advanced Manufacturing Centre (AMC) of Hong Kong on 25 July 2023, the headquarters of the Hong Kong Aerospace Technology Group Limited (HKATG) where the Centres are located. As of 10 July 2023, 114 representatives from 45 countries: Bahrain, Bangladesh, China, India, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, Türkiye and the United Arab Emirates in Asia; Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Switzerland in Europe; Canada and the United States in North America; Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela in South America; Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mauritania, Mauritius, Nigeria, Sudan, Tunisia in Africa, and Australia in Oceania, have confirmed their attendance. More guests are being invited and confirming their participation in this Grand Opening Ceremony.

The confirmed representatives including Mr Christian Feichtinge, Executive Director of International Astronautical Federation, Ms Barbara Ryan, Director General of Group on Earth Observations (GEO) and member of the board of directors of World Geospatial Industry Council, Mr Fabio Favata,Head of Planning, Strategy and Coordination Office of ESA,Mr Alhamidi M. Alanezi, President & Chief Executive Officer of ArabSat, Mr Khalid Abdulla Albuainain Almazrouei, Advisor to the UAE president for technology, Mr Salem Butti Al Qubaisi, Director General of UAE Space Agency, Mr Ahmad Shaba HALILU, Director General of National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA), Mr Mohamed AlAseeri, Director General of National Space Science Agency, Mr Salvador Landeros, Director General Mexican Space Agency, Ms Phornphan Tannukit, Executive Director of National Space Affairs Division, Mr. Md. Abdus Samad, Chairman of Bangladesh Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization (SPARRSO), Mr. Kamarul Redzuan Muhamed,President of Malaysian Space Industry Corporation (MASIC),Mr Yeshurun Alemayehu Adde, Deputy Director General of Ethiopian Space Science and Geospatial Institute, Mr Ali Al-kuwari, President & CEO of Qatar Satellite Company, Mr Issam Al Zedjaly, Vice Chairman of National Aerospace Space, are representatives from various international organisations, national aerospace departments, governmental and commercial aerospace enterprises, research institutes, embassies and consulates and other departments.

The guests from various countries will have an on-site visit to HKATG’s Satellite Manufacturing Centre and the Satellite Operation Control and Application Centre, including the Assembly, Integration and Testing (AIT) facilities, Telemetry, Tracking and Command (TT&C) Centre, and the Satellite Data Application Centre. They will collaborate with HKATG/ASPACE to explore how to utilise the facilities and equipment for cooperation and benefiting the development of the national and global aerospace industry.